Reconstruction of demineralization stations - Paramo, Pardubice, Czech Republic 

Client: PARAMO, a.s., Pardubice, Czech Republic

Equipment and performance: Reconstruction of two demineralization stations supplied and put into operation by Wabag in 2020, according to the scope set out below:

  • Removal of old fasteners and seals.
  • Opening of manholes at filters.
  • Suction and ecological disposal of the old ionex cartridge.
  • Disassembly of the old nozzles.
  • Revision and repair of the rubberized layer inside the filters.
  • Delivery and installation of new nozzles.
  • Delivery and installation of new fasteners and seals.
  • Closing of manholes at filters.
  • Delivery and filling of a new ion exchange cartridge.
  • Commissioning.

Reconstruction of demineralization stations was carried out within 5 working days, in 06/2019.