Demineralization station - Synthesia, Pardubice - Semtín, Czech Republic

Client: Synthesia, a.s.
Equipment and performance: Reconstruction of demistation ZL10, 1 x 200 m3/h...

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ARKO - Drinking Water Treatment Plant – Mostiště

Client: ARKO TECHNOLOGY, a.s., Brno
Equipment and performance: Drinking Water Treatment Plant – Mostiště / removal of raw water pipeline, 220 l/s...

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Yunus Emre 2 x 145 MWe CFPP

Client: Vítkovice Power Engineering a.s., Ostrava
Equipment and performance: OU 13 – Chemical water treatment plant, 2 x 20 m3/h / OU 14 – Dosing of ammonia

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Počerady 880MWe Power Plant

Client: ČEZ, a.s., Praha, elektrárna Počerad
Equipment and performance: Combined cycle power at Počerady / 880MWe / Power Plant...

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Reconstruction of drinking water treatment plant Jirkov

Client: INZET, s.r.o., HST Hydrosystémy s.r.o. / Final client: Severočeská vodárenská společnost, a.s.
Equipment and performance: Dosing of carbon dioxide (machine part) / Dosing of lime (machine part)

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PBS - CWTP Domoradice

Client: První brněnská strojírna, a.s., Brno
Equipment and performance: CWTP Domoradice / raw water treatment, 11 m3/h / condenzate polishing, 15 m3/h...

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WTP Hajská

Client: ENVI-PUR, s.r.o., Praha
Equipment and performance: 4 pcs. sand filters - 4 x 50 m3/h

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Tp Trmice - Sand filters of clarified water

Client: SES Bohemia Engineering, a.s., Praha / Konečný zákazník: Teplárna Trmice
Equipment and performance: Sand filters of clarified water, 350 m3/h

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ŠPI - Complex reconstruction of Tušimice II power station - water management

Client: ŠKODA PRAHA Invest s.r.o. / Final client: ČEZ, a.s., Praha
Equipment and performance: Complex reconstruction of Tušimice II power station / water management...

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Náchod a Hronov – drainage and reconstruction of WWTP Náchod

Client: Vodovody a kanalizace Náchod, a.s.
Equipment and performance: Biological part – machine part

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